Examples of social canaries in action

In my paper I refer to the notion of social canaries. I had in mind, at the time, a more extreme kind of activism, leveraged around the rule of law, and a milder form of the type illustrated below.

The former is relatively easy to track as lawsuits are eminently public and require visible displays of threats. The latter is not. Somewhere else in my blog I point to the Kryptonite incident. Anecdotal then. Dismissed by many. But the process is becoming more prevalent as more articulate consumers find ways to interact around a common concern.

There are tools one may use to track such occurrences, but I would argue that they are difficult to implement in a forward-looking way — it is easy to trace the history of a trend looking backwards, but extremely difficult to tell if a low-level signal is the beginning of an exponential growth or just that, a low-level signal.

Link: Independent Online Edition > Business News.

Consumers’ revolt: Power to the people Consumer militancy erupts as individuals join forces on the internet to fight back against the state and big business


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